estate sale home contents example by Charlotte May

How Much Will I Make at My Estate Sale?

When planning an estate sale, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “How much money will I make?” The answer isn’t straightforward, as it depends on various factors including the total value of the items for sale, the cost of organizing the sale, and the common split of profits between the homeowner and the estate sales company. On average, estate sale proceeds can vary widely, but understanding the potential costs involved and the typical commission structure can help set realistic expectations.

Will I Lose Money?

Will I lose money if I have an estate sale? This is another common question some people have. And my answer is NO! Not one of my clients over all these years has ever lost money. However, the amount of profit largely depends on the value of the inventory, the location of the sale, and even factors like the weather. An estate sale can be a lucrative endeavor, allowing families to make a significant amount of money from the sale of personal items no longer needed or wanted. 

The success of an estate sale is influenced by how well the sale is advertised, the appeal of the items for sale, and even the timing of the event. It’s essential to conduct a thorough inventory and appraisal of the items to ensure that their value is accurately represented and priced accordingly. Next is to choose an optimal date for the sale and employ effective marketing strategies. The value of the items, coupled with a well-executed sale strategy, can significantly impact the overall financial outcome of the estate sale.

Percentage Estate Sale Company Takes

The portion of the proceeds taken by an estate sale company can vary, but it’s often based on a competitive commission rate. A Better Solution Estate Sale, for example, starts at a low commission rate of around 35%, and this is negotiable depending on the scale and contents of the estate sale. This commission is used to cover the costs associated with organizing, advertising and conducting the sale, including staffing, security and sales equipment.

While the commission might seem like a significant portion of the proceeds, working with a professional estate sales company often results in a more organized and successful sale, potentially leading to higher overall profits. The expertise of a reputable company in pricing, marketing, and selling can alleviate the logistical burden on the homeowner and can lead to better outcomes, both financially and in terms of the efficiency of the sale process.

In conclusion, the amount of money one can make from an estate sale varies and is influenced by several factors including the value of the inventory, the cost of the sale, and the commission taken by the estate sales company. By understanding these elements and planning accordingly, it’s possible to maximize the proceeds from an estate sale.