Estate Coins

estate coins for saleOur Estate Sale Company is very fortunate to have an expert coin and stamp appraiser on our team with decades of experience in presenting coins for sale and stamp liquidation’s. Numismatics is the official term for coin collecting. Apart from coins, it also refers to the collecting and study of paper currency and tokens.

Many estates may have coins or stamp collections, whether small or large we can get the top values. Our Estate Liquidation Company offers an advantage over coin stores & bulk buyers, as we will research, price and sell each coin individually, maximizing profit.

“The difference between Bullion & Numismatics: Bullion is essentially raw gold or silver in a coin or bar form. These items are valued at the current spot price.

Numismatics, on the other hand, are collectible coins. Since the collectible value of some coins has more to do with nostalgia than the value of the gold or silver itself, it’s highly subjective to evaluate considering the variables in Numismatics.”

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