Discovering Treasures: Estate Sales

Best selling estate sales items
Discovering Treasures: Estate Sales in Orange County Estate sales can be treasure troves for those who love to discover unique items and collectibles. Each sale offers a snapshot of a different life, with everything from retro furniture and vintage decor to antique heirlooms waiting to be found.  Why Orange County? Actually, Orange and Los Angeles
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Fashion Trends: Everything is in Style! 

person in street fashion trend
Fashion Trends: Everything is in Style! As the new fashion season unfolds, a familiar yet refreshing trend emerges – vintage is back, and it’s more fashionable than ever. In the world of fast fashion and transient trends, there’s a growing appreciation for the timeless charm that only classic vintage looks can offer. This resurgence is
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What is an Estate Liquidator?

estate liquidation example appraised and priced
What is an Estate Liquidator? An estate liquidator, often known as an estate sale company, specializes in organizing and conducting sales of estate contents under circumstances such as downsizing, relocation, or after a family member has passed away. The core function of estate liquidation is to efficiently manage the sale of items including antiques, vehicles,
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A Stylish Flea Market Experience

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A Stylish Flea Market Experience Every 3rd Sunday, 5:30 am – 2:00 pm. Elegant, Affordable, Distinctive, and Retro The Long Beach Antique Market boasts more than 800 vendors from across the nation, offering an extensive range of shabby chic, antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. The website frequently highlights sellers participating in our events. VISIT US
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How Much Will I Make at My Estate Sale?

estate sale home contents example by Charlotte May
How Much Will I Make at My Estate Sale? When planning an estate sale, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, “How much money will I make?” The answer isn’t straightforward, as it depends on various factors including the total value of the items for sale, the cost of organizing the sale,
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