The services of Michelle & A Better Solution Estate Sales were absolutely invaluable to us in readying my late mother-in-law’s home for sale and we will be forever grateful to them.

5 years ago we moved to Orange County to care for my mother-in-law. She passed away 2.5 years ago leaving us with her estate to settle. She had accumulated so much more stuff than we ever could have believed after living in her huge home on a large lot for more than 50 years. We tried to work our way through her possessions ourselves but after reaching the point of total exhaustion with the process while trying to work full time jobs, we hired Michelle and A Better Solution Estate Sales. Michelle’s knowledge of antiques, jewelry, household items, and more was immediately obvious during our first meeting as was their experience with holding successful estate sales.

Over the course of several weeks Michelle and her team came over several times and worked side by side with us to uncover, discover, and clean many, many, boxes of collectibles and other items. With their help we were able to delve into areas of the property that we had not yet uncovered. Their preparation for the estate sale was expertly done allowing for the flow of the buyers, attractively set up, and was well advertised. Michelle took effective steps to provide security on our large property. During the two days of the estate sale they were here bright and early, fully prepared to deal with the crowds of buyers who attended the sale. Upon completion of the sale Michelle’s records were complete and easy to understand.

As a direct result of their hard work, we were finally able to empty the property completely and to list the house for sale. Michelle and her team were easy to work with, so knowledgeable, and very patient with us as we sorted through many boxes containing sentimental personal items such as photographs, wedding dresses, papers, and receipts. They are such wonderful people with a great sense of humor and they kept our exhausted spirits up as we sorted through dusty, dirty boxes in preparation for the estate sale. We thoroughly enjoyed working with each of them.

We were very impressed with the companies work ethic, honesty, reliability, friendliness, and overall professionalism. Escrow will soon close on my late mother-in-law’s home. There is absolutely no question that without their assistance we would not have been in the position to finally sell her home. And, we would have lost a significant amount of money because we didn’t know the value of our items. Our experience with Michelle and A Better Solution Estate Sales was superb and I highly recommend them for your estate sale and liquidation needs.

Iris S.Anaheim CA